Thursday, 16 June 2016

Greens New Website

The Greens have now released damning figures showing that it costs taxpayers seven times more to educate a student through a private college than a public TAFE.
They have launched a new website to expose the true cost of the public funding of private VET providers, with data showing that Commonwealth education funding overwhelmingly favours for profit private colleges at the expense of our high quality public TAFE sector.
Forcing TAFE to compete with private providers for funding has failed students, taxpayers and the community as a whole.
Stop privatisation before it stops TAFE! This starts with tearing up the 2012 National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform.
Time for a new agreement that abolishing contestable funding and guaranteeing that all public funding goes into the public TAFE system and puts TAFE first.
If you agree that a world without TAFE is not worth the risk, sign and share the Green's open letter calling for a commitment from all major parties to save TAFE. 

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