Sunday, 29 May 2016

TAFE Community Alliance urge all political parties commit to the following...

  • A quality publicly funded, affordable and accessible TAFE system for the future economy and society.
  • Abandon the current failed VET market funding models and commit to funding the direct and indirect costs of TAFE as the public VET provider.
  • Correct the serious and growing imbalance in funding to VET relative to schools and higher education, and restore funding to VET in line with student enrolments, including increased funding to foundation studies, literacy and numeracy and English language education as national priorities.
  • Effective VET regulation with adequate funding for any national regulator to take decisive action to end rorts and rip-offs under VET FEE-HELP Loan scheme or other funding arrangements and restore community and business confidence in the VET system.
  • Growth in apprenticeships and traineeships to stem the critical decline.
  • A cap on student fees and charges for any VET providers who want access to public funds.
  • A performance audit by the Australian National Audit Office into Commonwealth expenditure in VET, especially in relation to its policy effectiveness, administrative efficiency and whether it has delivered value for money to the Australian taxpayer.

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